Julie Anne Genter

Green Party Spokesperson for Health (inc ACC), Transport, Youth, Auckland Issues, and Sport and Recreation

Julie Anne In Action

Julie Anne In Action

Green Minister for Women, Assoc. Minister of Transport and Health

Julie Anne Genter questions the Minister of Transport.

Julie Anne questions the Minister of Transport on why National is fast-tracking a roading project with a weak business case, where the best estimates show the costs outweighing any benefits.

Julie Anne At The Womens March

 Saturday Jan 21, 2017

"The rhetoric of the last election insulted, demonised, and threatened many people - immigrants of all statuses, Muslims and those of diverse religious faiths, people who identify as LGBT, people of colour, people with disabilities, survivors of sexual assault."

-- Bette Flagler

Julie Anne Questions The Prime Minister On Imprisonment for Minor Drug Offences

 July 05, 2017

Julie Anne Genter to the Minister of Health

Will he now investigate a sugary drink tax, given the World Health Organization is citing evidence that increasing taxes on such drinks will contribute to reducing obesity and improving nutritional health?

Julie Anne Genter to the Minister of Commerce & Consumer Affairs

How many default KiwiSaver fund providers currently invest in companies that manufacture cluster bombs?

Julie Anne Genter to the Minister of Revenue

Would greater disclosure requirements in our foreign trust regime reduce the potential use of foreign trusts for tax evasion and money laundering?

Julie Anne Genter to the Minister of  Transport

How much was spent on investigation, design, and other preparatory work for the now cancelled Otaki to Levin expressway?

Julie Anne Genter to the Minister of  Transport

What is the plan to pay for the Government's transport expenditure given that the Ministry of Transport's Briefing to the Incoming Minister warns of a funding shortfall of $4.9 billion if high oil prices and low GDP growth continue?

Julie Anne Genter to the Minister of  Transport

Why is the Government prioritising State highway projects with low benefit cost ratios, given that traffic volumes are back to 2004 levels and the Crown is borrowing $12 billion a year?

We have an extraordinary opportunity to achieve better economic outcomes and more liveable towns and cities

I’m genuinely excited about the opportunities we all have to do politics differently than before; there are many MPs like me, across all political parties, who are seeking a more collaborative, democratic and consensus-based approach to discussing, listening and solving the biggest issues we face as a society, together. We can be great together.

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